Team Coordinator

Christian Vincenot, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Kyoto University

Fruit Bat Ecology & Conservation, Ecological Modelling

Senior Members

Anja Collazo, Ph.D.

Part-Time Lecturer, Doshisha University

Fruit Bat Conservation, Animal Communication, Cultural Sociology

Sophie "Topa" Petit, Ph.D.


Associate Professor, University of South Australia

Bat-flower interaction, Conservation Biology, Animal Ethics

David Hill, Ph.D.


Adjunct Professor, Kyoto University

Insectivorous Bat Ecology, Bat Echolocation and Social Calls

Junior Members

Jason Hideki Preble

PhD Candidate, Kyoto University

Microbat ecology

Masato Hashizume

PhD student, Kyoto University

Bat Communication

Azmina Kamal


PhD student, Kyoto University

Effect of Environmental Stressors on the Bat Gut Microbiome

Nur Izzati Abdullah

PhD student, Kyoto University

TBD (from 10/2020)

Weerach "Kura" Charerntantanakul 

Master student, Kyoto University

(from Shibata Lab.)

Bat-Agriculture Conflicts

Yuto Taki

Master student, Kyoto University

(from Inoue-Murayama Laboratory)

Flying Fox Population Genetics

Kentaro Kawagita

Bachelor student, Kyoto University

Bat-mediated seed dispersal

Field Assistants

Yammie Leung-Maemori

Fieldwork assistant (Yaeyama) 

Life saver under any circumstances

Arthur Zucker

Master student, Sorbonne University (Paris, France)

Acoustic data processing, AI, software design

Other current members to be added soon...


The Island Bat Research Group (IBRG) is an international multi-disciplinary unit. It has been involved for several years in the research and conservation of endangered insular bats in Japan and other island countries.


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F: +81 (0)75-753-3133

E: islandbatresearch@gmail.com

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